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How to use search
This website uses a full text search engine with similar capabilities to popular search engine websites like google and yahoo.  Once you enter words and perform the search, the search engine will look for as many companies which match all or some of your words, and will display the results with the most relevant matches first. 


Click on search text box, enter text, then either hit the return key or click on the 'search' link under the text box. 

Example searches:

This will display all companies that have some words beginning with 'piano' in their details, including those with words like 'pianos'. 

piano tuition
This is a more specific search, and those companies that mention both words will be displayed first, followed by those companies which mention either one of the words. 

"piano tuition"
To search for a particular phrase, the phrase but be enquoted with double quotes " ". 

To search for companies on a town name basis. 

To search for companies on a telephone code basis. 

To search for companies on a partial postcode basis. 

To search for companies which either mention instrument in their descriptions, or are linked to a category which includes instrument e.g.  instrument manufacturers. 

piano -tuition
To search for piano companies which do not mention tuition. 

music +sunday
To search for music shops which do mention Sunday opening times. 

+hertfordshire +shop
To search for shops with either hertfordshire in their address or companies linked to the county.  The company may mention shop in their details or they will have linked to a category which includes the word shop. 

+herts +shop
As with the previous example but using an alternative name for the county.  County abbreviations are also stored in the database, e.g.  Northants, Leic. 


1.  Make sure you spell the words correctly
2.  Avoid commonly used words
3.  Avoid hyphenated words, treat them as two words
4.  Avoid punctuation and special characters
5.  Partial word searches only work with the beginnings of words, and only when the search text does not contain double enquoted phrases.

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   search (help)

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